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Chairs, Dreams and Prayers


If you want to achieve something

in a high place,

we need a chair.

If the place is higher,

we need stairs.

If we have a dream,

we need God

with endeavor and prayer.

As tall as anything

the place we want to reach,

as high as that too

we look for ways

to reach it.

We have many needs in our lives

as a life support.

Life needs dreams

so that our lives are more alive.

Life is full of dreams

there will be many obstacles,

trials and obstacles.

With obstacles,


and that obstacle,

dreams will be increasingly difficult

achieved and obtained.

Dreams will go further.

Our feelings.

So, try as much as you can!

Outward effort

a sign we are not kodariyah.

People who only surrender to their nature.

Prayer is an inner endeavor,

our approach to God.

Means towards our dreams.

As a chair,

if our dreams are high and ordinary.

As a ladder,

if our dreams are higher.

No matter how high our dreams are

will be real with prayer.

Enjoy your activities today!

May we remain in His protection, still be able to worship with, safe, healthy, smooth, blessing.

Stay strong and passion in achieving our dreams!

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